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When I saw guyguyextreme's guide on duck-jumping, I thought that it was a necessary addition to our HATPC Beginners' Guides category. However I was not satisfied with the way it was written, and to further highlight the competitive aspects behind this new guides system, I'm writing my own duck-jumping guide!

How to duck-jump

Duck-jumping is when you jump while ducking (crawling). So to duck-jump press the down arrow key to get into crawling position, and do not let go. Then press the spacebar to jump. You will continue to duck-jump as long as you hold onto the down arrow key. Letting go of this key will immediately change your jump into a regular jump.

The abilities of duck-jumping

As any beginning HATPC player should know, a standard jump will allow you to jump up to five tiles high. Essentially, what duck-jumping does is that you go through a standard jump without ever getting out of crawling position. So what does this mean? Consider the following: compared to standing up, crawling makes you half a tile shorter. So instead of being able to jump up to five tiles, you will only jump up to four and a half tiles.

In the above graphic (which I made by editing one of the pictures from goldfun's guide on Spike Basics), you'll see that the tiles have been numbered. If you stand under that spike and perform a standard jump, you will reach up to that top tile and die from that spike. However, if you duck-jump, you will only reach half of that top tile, and--because the spike's hit region is only about half a tile--you will live! This will work even if that tile was its flipped counterpart, the stalagmite.

However, because you are in a continuous state of crawling, your horizontal speed while duck-jumping will be just as slow as the speed you travel when you crawl on the ground. To get around this, you can let go of the down-arrow key so that you can travel at regular speed, but you must wait until after you are out of range of the spikes. Many advanced crawl-jumping traps require that you let go of the down-arrow key as soon as the danger has passed so that you can travel fast enough to avoid the next hazard.

If you want to try this yourself, just play Level One of HATPC and you will find this exact scenario immediately to the right of the starting position.

A ton of useful HATPC glitches are activated through the use of duck-jumping. However, it would be overkill to list and explain them all here in this guide.
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Thursday, June 17 2010, 2:48 am EST

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Good. Now get started on the advanced duck-jumping articles!

I don't like that summary, though. Since a guide now, I feel that the summary should only tell you about what you're going to learn.
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Thursday, June 17 2010, 2:58 am EST

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there, I changed the summary. I must've been really lazy at the time to just copy and paste the first paragraph...
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Thursday, June 17 2010, 10:33 am EST
~Jack of all trades~

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we should start working on the guides when we have time.

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