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All of the progress within October happened within the last few days.

Last Friday, I started a new topic called Aeon Programming Topic, in which I released the code for Aeon so that Isa could potentially help me program. Isa's been learning ActionScript 3, and to help him, I gave him access to the e-books that I've been using. Jell also claims that he may look through some e-books he found when/if he gets time. Although, I did ask Isa if he could try making a preloader for Aeon, even if it is simple.

Since then, I've been building a clean new build of the game, getting rid of all of the shortcuts and problems that had accumulated. I'm also making the code much more readable, with plenty of comments, and it's much more flexible and open to change than before, so editing the game again in the future will be easier.

Aside from making things in the last demo work better, there is one brand new feature so far, and that is the ability to load level data from the level database. Hence why I made the Official Aeon Demo Level. We also really need to work on the new XML structure, so that could be a great discussion topic. I actually downloaded a class called BulkLoader from the Internet, and it should be very useful for levels that end up loading a lot of images from the web.

As of this writing, the only thing so far in the new build is the homepage, the beginnings of the new level page, two Button classes, and classes for loading external content. Next, I'll either work more on the LevelPage, up until I need to finish with the new XML structure. Or I could start working on the level-browsing pages, that would let you browse the levels of the database and load them into the game.

Either way, good progress is being made.
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