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So for some reason I wanted to put the whole neverending story together. Here it is, from page 1 to page 7, till Shavey Dave's post on Saturday, August 6 2011, 4:37 am EST.


Once upon a time there was a beautiful Peach named Princess Peach. Unfortunately, she was kidnapped by Bowser. A plumber is a man who fixes pipes. But luckily one plumber, named Mario, set out to save Princess Peach. So he grabbed his overalls and wrench, and set out on his epic quest. Unfortunately he got eaten by a pineapple that appeared because it was really some strange new form of life called a pinataapple which was grown by Farmer Dandonovitch during WWII. Smelly face Quirvy was watching hannah picking her nose when she was eaten by a Pinata Apple too. Quirvy's wife decided to file for a divorce and farted up blue strawberries and bubble gum. Then, lsa came running out of the woods and screamed, "Help me! Farmer Dandonovitch is growing more Pinata Apples!" He ate the blue strawberries and bubble gum. Next, Deweyinthemiddle ran after lsa, holding a gun loaded with gooseberry gum. Unfortunately, lsa was allergic to gooseberries, so he got hives so huge that everyone within a 2 mile radius was either killed or serious injured. So then, the remaining survivors of the interguild, which was everybody except for lsa and stupid face Quirvy, arranged a funeral for lsa and stupid face Quirvy. Hannah was invited, but she kept picking her nose, so she was eaten by Seakitten. Everybody cheered, because Hannah had finally stopped picking her nose. Except for CSD because he liked gooseberry gum. He decided to poop in everyone's mouth for revenge. Because of this lsa's ghost haunted him for the rest of his life. Smelly face Quirvy, on the other hand pooped in CSD's mouth for revenge. Then, Isa got annoyed about this so he threw smelly face Quirvy out of a window. But then CSD spontaneously combusted. All gathered around the fire with pineapple flavored marshmallows. However, half of the pineapple was a magic strawberry, so a few people died. Those unlucky few were killed because they were allergic to pineapples. A person named a_neezles_a finally set out to rescue Princess Peach. She had tried to prevent CSD from pooping in everyone's mouth previously, but unfortunately failed. Because of this, potatoes were eaten.  The Game was a potato. The Magic Strawberry is a big giant interdimensional phoneix from another dimension. Everything began to screw up due to Nezletron's presence. Everything was turning into something out of her imagination. Then a_neezles_a decided to ask Darth Vader for the answer to life, the universe and everything. Unfortunately, she got rickrolled, and then Rebecca Black came in singing Friday, causing Justin Bieber coming in singing Baby while Rebecca was still singing Friday, causing Justin Beiber to spontaneously combust, leaving many people happy and those people knew they were happy, so they clapped their hands. Suddenly Rebecca Black walked into a football stadium and had a seizure because of all the choices to sit. You know what fun is when you enjoy yourself. Rebecca Black to everyones dismay starting singing. But everyone found out dando52 is Quirvy and started a riot. Quirvy said that Thomas was falsely accusing him. This was true, and Mario, who was supposed to save the Princess that nobody cares about, hit a mushroom, that turned into a giant hedgehog called Shadow who began to destroy the world. Thomas was killed by penguins, and then the penguins started to steer a random boat towards Antarctica. Suddenly, Dando52 appeared and proclaimed: "I have taken world order for myself! Obey me or you will be banished to the depths of the Ice Caves to die." The penguins then quoted users on the Interguild -
Bmwsu said:
The Game was a potato.
and laughed at them. This lead to a really funky happening involving several members destroying a nuclear power plant and causing the sea to turn green from the radioactivity. Suddenly Chuck Norris rose out of the ashes, sending a roundhouse kick into Godzilla who rose out of them too. Then Godzilla turned towards a city to smash to pieces. Then nebnebben mocked that not even a God could make a better game than SMBX. Then God destroyed Nebnebben, Thomas and the Copy Robot. Mega Man then got cancelled by Sony. Then Thomas became the leader of the Evil Ice Cave Penguins. Quirvy discovered the secret to Thomas's immortality, but already lynched him, so he was a zombie. And since zombies are related to Jesus, Quirvy could just wait as Thomas stayed on the Interguild for 40 days and then disappeared. But then the poll ended, and Neezles rose out of the results, causing Thomas to get Lynched for the third time. He then rose from the dead and said "You should have listened to me and lynch Silver." This caused Quirvy to send 700 PMs to Thomas. Thomas deleted 666 of those PMs, but that caused his computer to explode.  This meant that we all blamed Haily. Therefore, Haily came on the interguild and everybody was like "OMG, it's Haily!". Neezles had heard that Haily was back, and so she invaded the interguild and created a new topic. It began with 'Once upon a time there was a beautiful Peach named'. Then users posted in that topic frequently, while avoiding the peach named .. . was very sad about this. So then she decided to rant about how Ice Caves sucks. Then she attempted to kill off all of IC and IG. She succeeded at the former but failed at the latter. So she died and was never mentioned or heard of ever again.

With Haily gone, all negative emotions disappeared from the world. Then Pandora came and re-split the soup of negative emotions, and everything turned to war.

Then, a strange bird came out and reversed time somehow. All that had happened never happened, and this topic had never existed. But it still existed. Somehow.

The bird who manipulated time somehow was an depressed autistic genius that above all else wanted a webcomic. But then Thomas destroyed his hopes and dreams. Quirvy then manipulated space to destroy Thomas forever. But he returned, and thus the Great War of Thomas was started. It lasted until the end of time (which wasn't). Suddenly Haily took over Interguild and made it 99796875678 times better. Quirvy left because he was busy taking over IceCaves, making it 99796875679 times beter. Jellsprout then made a spelling mistake and everyone laughed and Haily banned him for atrocious grammar. In an IceCaves mafia game Silver got lynched since IceCaves people are smarter. Silver released the following statement in response: I knew we should of lynched Thomas from the beginning. Everyone agreed apart from Neezles, who threw a tantrum and destroyed Ice Caves forever. Suddenly, fish began to learn how to live on land because the highly radioactive water TEPCO dumped into the ocean and says will be fine contaminated the ocean which caused Thomaszilla to appear and destroy Sweden, but was obliterated by Isa's godmodding. As Silver cursed this stupid unhelpful spellcheck, Jellsprout destroyed New Zealand because Silver lives there and because they wouldn't give him 40 cupcakes. Lex Luthor then stole the aforementioned 40 cupcakes and forced Superman to travel through a lot of rings in order to retrieve the onion rings from Burger King. Alas, Burger King was destroyed by Thomaszilla, causing Superman to kill every single person, including himself.

Thomas was sad. Watch Thomas cry. Cry, Thomas, cry! Then, because he was mad, Thomas spammed the and was banned for a week. However, Dando, and D52 were having a very big arguement. Eventually, D52 went to Orota to cause chaos. Dando then posted in this thread. Her post was immediately followed by Silver's, who destroyed Sweden for no reason whatsoever. Then Isa rebuilt Sweden and became known as Isa the Great. Then Thomaszilla died from overexposure to radioactivity. Suddenly people realized nuclear power is stupid. Jellsprout argued and released this statement: "Nuclear power is super cool, Thomaszilla is a poopy head." Thomas responded "quirvy reply to my pm" and sang Friday for some reason. Then, the ragin' bull charged and killed Thomas for the i-don't-know-how-manyth time. April 7th became Ragin' Bull Day. Thomas was crowned king of all that is unjust, and negative, until a hot nuclear sun destroyed Thomas. Then an evil otter threatened to destroy the world. Silver saved the world, and everyone cheered and began to sing the Birthday Song, since it was her birthday. Then a story, which the name of said story will remain unsaid, was getting lame and too ridiculous, and boring to read, so someone decided to start something new. It started with 'Once upon a time, there was an annoyed Icecaver named Babby.  He like to travel the world.  One day, he decided to go to Thomas, but he was immortal. So Quirvy asked Dando to create an anti-immortality potion. Meanwhile the world blew up, the zombie apocalyps happened, Judgement Day came, and Chuck Norris died, because people can't actually type right (E.G. "...to go to... but then...")... so the end happened when but it never happened. Due to a world sundering. Then, Quirvy was annoyed with Thomas.

'quirvy reply to my pm' thomas pleaded with an annoying voice. Quirvy was Paris because Babby had heard that Dando was going to judge the Collaboration Comp. He wanted to kill Thomas, but he was immortal. So Quirvy asked Dando to create an anti-immortality potion. Meanwhile the spoon killer chased Woodstock over a cliff, but then mysteriously it was revealed that Silver was actually made of silver, and that it was impossible for her to save the world. What's more is that the evil otter only wanted to destroy Mercury, not Earth. And Woodstock didn't actually fall off a cliff, but it was an illusion created by a mirror. Then, everyone complained to krotomo because his post was too long. But oh noes! There was Sauron! But then the onion ring was thrown back into the place it was cooked.
"Oh, no! I messed up!" said Thomas, who was telling the whole story. He sent a pm that said "plz quirvery gimme another chance" and started the story over again.

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful Peach named Princess Peach. Unfortunately, she was kidnapped by Bowser. A plumber who wore a hat wanted Thomas to stop saying that everything was Quirvy's fault. But oh noes! There was Sauron! he would keep bothering them with his PMS. After that, somebody threw a Peach which was grown by Farmer Dandonovitch during WWII. Smelly face Quirvy died, thus reviving this topic that had died months ago. After reviving it, Silver went on a quest for treasure and was never heard from again. The adventurer, Soccerboy, went to look for the same treasure, and succeeded in bringing it back, when suddenly a random dude 'd Soccerboy and stole the treasure, which was actually a empty chest. The annoyed random dude got mad and I then came back and hit him/her with the chest. Silver was later found in the South Caves, apparently mauled to death by wolves.

One week later, a new rumor of treasures spread throughout the kingdom of Hannahtopia. Cavers and treasurers eagerly looked forward to getting their hands or paws on this mystical mythical treasure, and thus they all set out to get it, but they all failed. Then a newbie caver called Yuggy found the treasure, which was actually a green gem the size of a pinky fingernail.

Days later. Yuggy awoke to find the gem gone! He immediately looked out the window, and saw a purple okapi running away with the gem. The okapi took the gem to its master, Yaya, the Commander of All Things Okapi. Yaya used the gem to amplify his commanding powers, happy he was one step closer to becoming the commander of all things, and then turn them all into okapis.

Meanwhile, Silver came back to life when Soccer dropped a feather on her. Silver decided to stop Yaya, and headed towards the Okapis castle Yaya attempted to set the watch-okapis on her, but she stabbed them all with her kitchen knife. She ordered Yaya to give the gem back, or she'd kill him. Yaya gave the gem, then ran away.

Silver then gave the gem back to Yuggy. Meanwhile, Soccer came back, eating a Popsicle from the Warehouse. Quirvy, a soldier of the anti-Warehouse, began to attack Soccer. He killed Soccer, stole his popsicle and took it back to the lab for experimenting.

Meanwhile, Yuggy received the gem back from Silver. Silver, then discovering that Soccer had been killed, proceeded to turn into a stoic knight, seeking revenge on who killed Soccer.

Far, far away, Cedric became slightly confused, and was rained down upon with a shower of cookies. Cedric looked up and hung his mouth open, trying to catch the raining cookies in his mouth. He started getting disappointing, because he wasn't having a lot of luck. A couple minutes later, when he finally ate a cookie from the sky, he choked on the cookie because it fell with such speed that he didn't have time to actually catch it. He passed out and wasn't seen for a while. Back at the warehouse where Quirvy was examining the Popsicle...

I like talking about myself in 3rd person. "Actually, I hate talking about myself in 3rd person. I don't see the fourth wall." said Cedric, who woke up to find Quirvy right next to him, examining the Popsicle. The Popsicle was actually a cake, but Quirvy didn't know it. He decided to move to the middle of the Atlantic becuase it was wet there. Quirvy got mad when he found out the popsicle was a cake and smashed stuff up. Sliver heard the smashing and divided into the ocean when a giant pterodolphin swooped her up out of the water, so she got very scared, but the pterodolphin-thing-whatever-it's-called didn't do any harm. It offered Silver a ride in dolphin language, and Silver somehow telepathically understood what it was saying. Silver hopped on the dolphin's back and it took her to Quirvy's lair. The pterodolphin smashed a large hole in the side of the lair. Silver, as best she could, thaked the pterodolphin, and then Silver went in through the great maze, and confronted Quirvy, who pulled out a death ray. He then death rayed silver, and flew away from the never ending story in a flying saucer, never to be mentioned again! Silver was dead. Unfortunately, Silver was actually Quirvy's great-grandmother. Quirvy was actually in the past, before he was born, so he ceased to exist or something like that. Because he messed up time, the whole world was late to their various social outings. Yaya, missing the shuttle bus to the Okapi ranch, had time to realize he was in this thread, threw on Silver for writing him in to this conjunctivitis fanfic slam session (she survived), and he promptly committed suicide by stabbing himself with a blivet, never to return to this story, ever. Upon discovery of the body, Silver decided to summon a plumber to help save the world. The plumber grabbed his overalls and wrench, and set out on his epic quest. Unfortunately he got eaten by a mouse. The plumer was dead. Then Yuggy chased after Quirvy. He knew that if he could kill Quirvy before Quirvy killed Silver time would be fixed. Luckily, because time was broken, traveling back was quite easy. Yuggy just needed to find a rip in time. Before he could start to search for one, a rift opened up right in front of him. A familiar face stuck out of the rift. The pterodolphin had returned! Yuggy then jumped through the rift, and headed towards Quirvy's lair. Time to stop this before it began to get conjested as Yuggy tries to cross the road. The Polllution was incredibly high and Yuggy could not see an entrance to Quirvy's lair. But who would want to do such a thing? Who would want to choke Yuggy and pollute this wierd parallel world type thingy and save Quirvy? Dezzla. He was sitting in his green Volkswagen Passat, laughing his head off and Yuggy lept into Quirvy's lair and knocked him back. Time was reset and all was well. Yuggy swam back home on the pterodolphin. Everyone who had died was now alive again. Time was fixed until neezles broke out of Jail and stole the gem. Now everyone had to rescue it again but nobody really cared. Everyone decided to lynch Jazz and he was never seen again. À cause de ça Bon bon oui oui, and then a giant taco appeared in a mist and seized the gem oly to be Soccer in disguise. He threw a peanut butter sandwich at Yaya's face, then left to time travel to the UK. Meanwhile, Silver had a seizure, and soccer started to die because of his allergy to peanuts, therefore he had to be rushed to hospital. He pulled through. Meanwhile, while people were confused over the fake gem, the real one was actually CSD. Silver then stole CSD aka. the gem, and took him away. Everyone went to find CSD wondering where he had gone. CSD meanwhile was having an absoloute ball! He loved being dragged around by Silver. But the fun was shortlived because Silver ran into a laser wall which had to put a gem into to stop you from exploding but Silver missed the gem an exploded into silver pieces (sorry Silver, I had to XD), but then, Yuggy showed up and he re-booted time, AGAIN, and saved Silver from the blast. Silver then found a doughnut, that when is eaten, make you invincible for 5 seconds, and Silver made it through the laser wall this time, but she was ambushed by a load of evil purple gorillas and was almost eaten, until Silver killed them all while Shavey Dave was watching her do it and gave her a gold medal for killing the purple gorillas, then for some reason, everyone dropped dead. It was impossible for anyone to come back to life. In an alternate universe, Jazz went to a store to buy cheese. The cheese, possessed by Shave, killed Jazz and he was never seen again. Silver decided to kill a demonic Care Bare who had  the power to save Jazz.So now Silver was screwed and quirvy was eating a potato while juggling with a book and a tomato and going to his granamas (who was ill) with some cake in a red hood and cape where he got taken hostage by a purple okapi dressed as his grandma. she put him in a baguette, dusted him with salt and pepper, added some mustard and cheese and then ate him.Shavey saw this and started singing! and all of a sudden, a strange creature struck Shavey in the stomach because most creatures hate listening to people singing 'Friday'. Shavey decided to jump into a pool of water while wearing 3 sweaters so he could revive himself.Unfortunately he drowned because the sweaters were made of iron.

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Saturday, August 6 2011, 12:24 pm EST
I am a wise goat

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Hey nice one, I was actually planning on doing this as well...
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Saturday, August 6 2011, 4:49 pm EST

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lol I don't think I'll ever put in the effort to read this since it seems like it's just a giant wall of random disconnected text.
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Monday, August 8 2011, 10:51 pm EST
find me in your local trashcan

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And there is now alot more to this story, we should do that in a couple of months.

go drink some water
Shavey Dave
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Tuesday, August 9 2011, 3:17 am EST

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Hey, I finally could be bothered to read this, it's pretty cool when it's peiced together...

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Tuesday, August 9 2011, 3:20 am EST

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This blog is one giant tl;dr, more paragraphs would be very, very nice.
Shavey Dave
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Tuesday, August 9 2011, 3:26 am EST

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...also shos you should really extend this...

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Tuesday, August 9 2011, 3:50 am EST
~Jack of all trades~

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lol, it took me like 30 minutes to do that, i'll do it again when i feel like it, or when you reach 20 pages, whatever comes last.

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