Sun. 4:02am - Rocketguy2 No god here, HB, just the endless passing of time
Sat. 3:09am - HB g , o , d
Thu. 10:54pm - atvelonis and he never will
Thu. 9:02pm - Yimmy just wait til april fools day. livio never disabled the script that makes it old on april 1st
Wed. 1:41am - atvelonis wayback machine?
Tue. 10:37pm - jazz does anyone have any screenshots from the time this website was blue and white
Mon. 8:53pm - atvelonis welp, .org was nice while it lasted
Sun. 8:32pm - Yaya The .org domain name has been bought by a private equity firm. I wonder what it holds for the IG's future
Thu. 4:56pm - Rocketguy2 well I guess that's just how the linear progression of time be
Wed. 11:19pm - atvelonis it's getting dark at like 5pm now bruh
Sun. 9:35pm - Yaya Guess it's not surprising there's basically kaizo mods
Sun. 5:59am - Rocketguy2 and perish
Sun. 5:59am - Rocketguy2 lmao look up celeste D-sides by nameguy yaya
Sat. 1:59am - Soccer lol
Fri. 9:41pm - Yaya Also throwback: yaya is drunk ????
Fri. 9:41pm - Yaya Celeste B-Side levels remind me of super hard hatpc stuff. Just finding the most sadistic applications of game mechanics
Thu. 4:46am - Rocketguy2 not yet
Mon. 12:16pm - Yimmy merry christmas
Mon. 12:47am - HB hall................... o....................... ween
Sun. 5:34pm - atvelonis halloween hype
Thu. 9:57pm - atvelonis autumn gang
Sun. 2:46am - Darvince and we have a topic that only adults would be interested in probably 5+ years too late but whatever
Sun. 2:45am - Darvince oh my god there were three new posts since I last looked
Tue. 11:14am - Yaya y e e t
Wed. 11:42pm - atvelonis fite me
Wed. 2:13pm - Rocketguy2 No, I don't think you will
Wed. 12:20am - atvelonis I swear to god I'll finish a Minecraft level this year
Tue. 11:22am - Rocketguy2 if it makes you feel better, it's fixable
Sun. 7:04am - [color= my name docent even load
Sun. 7:03am - [color= Been ages, whats been going on on this site lol
Wed. 3:39pm - atvelonis would love to but no time
Tue. 10:17pm - Yimmy gonna respawn the ender dragon on the minecraft server. anybody want to kill him with me sometime before the end of the month?
Fri. 11:20am - Rocketguy2 I haven't heard it in 17, what is it?
Fri. 5:01am - SHOS lim sup omg I haven't heard that in like 8 years
Fri. 2:12am - HB lim sup
Thu. 12:52pm - Rocketguy2 y'all sup
Wed. 5:34pm - SHOS sup yall
Tue. 4:21pm - Rocketguy2 that sounds glorious
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