Sun. 4:49pm - Rocketguy2 indeed
Fri. 8:56pm - Quirvy Sure has been quiet over here
Mon. 1:03pm - Rocketguy2 currently having a conversation with someone about the interguild despite the fact that the discord server I'm on has nothing to do with the interguild, which is kinda wacky
Thu. 4:22am - HB i enjoy the fact that Shos still writes in exactly the same way that he did as a 14 year old boy
Wed. 12:50am - atvelonis How to post a long review on Steam: post a short review, and then edit in the rest. Otherwise it gets confused
Mon. 1:42pm - atvelonis :crab emoji:
Mon. 1:03pm - Rocketguy2 interguild is *back*
Sun. 12:08pm - Rocketguy2 what sun? seems to have disappeared from england
Tue. 8:12pm - atvelonis the sun has returned. this pleases me
Mon. 1:24pm - HB happy birthday  QUIRVY
Sun. 8:29pm - HB I have no idea what u are talking about
Sun. 6:17pm - Yaya When I saw what it was from, I was hoping it'd be the IG famous song
Sat. 3:01pm - HB Iconic
Fri. 12:38am - HB I sing the body electric - The murmuring pines and the hemlocks
Thu. 10:34pm - Quirvy See: "What are you playing - Video Game Edition"
Thu. 7:48pm - Yimmy any games besides minecraft that you people like to play online? anybody here buy animal crossing?
Wed. 11:08pm - Livio I agree.
Wed. 11:02pm - Yaya As is tradition
Wed. 1:42pm - Livio lol
Wed. 1:41pm - Rocketguy2 wow, that's kinda spooky, maybe livio is here?
Wed. 1:38pm - Livio lol
Wed. 1:31pm - Anonymous Has Livio become a robot again?
Wed. 6:45am - Livio I agree.
Wed. 6:36am - Rocketguy2 it's like he's really here
Wed. 1:54am - Livio lol
Wed. 1:40am - atvelonis oh no
Wed. 12:48am - Livio Hey guys!
Wed. 12:42am - HB how dare you participate in april fool's when people around the world are dying of coronavirus
Wed. 12:06am - Livio Hey guys!
Mon. 10:28pm - Quirvy You were supposed to judge the round you left open, not start a new one...
Mon. 6:40pm - HB why am I so old
Mon. 5:29am - Rocketguy2 Wow, entirely forgot that existed quirvy
Mon. 12:55am - HB reservation at dorsia
Sun. 10:51pm - Quirvy pst rocketguy you're the one who needs to judge the latest "One Post" round
Sun. 12:54am - HB God
Thu. 1:37pm - Rocketguy2 kinda, school is gone, so that's something
Wed. 8:31pm - SHOS So are you guys stuck at home via coronavirus too?
Wed. 3:36pm - Yimmy hatpc reborn is broken xd
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