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Saturday, 4:27am - SHOS It's basically bread with loads of sugar, no? I prefer normal bread lol
Thursday, 2:24am - Mymop Today I had a delicious loaf of challah (a small one, don't worry) at lunch.  That's something I hadn't had  in a while; it was very nice to be reminded of how wonderful challah is.  
Wednesday, 1:53am - atvelonis holy cow
Sunday, 2:16am - Soccer jeez
Sunday, 1:25am - Yimmy golly
Saturday, 11:07am - HB nothing
Saturday, 11:07am - HB absolutely
Thursday, 5:00pm - SHOS What's up guyz
Friday, 3:41am - HB god
Wednesday, 8:19pm - Yimmy no it isnt
Tuesday, 11:59pm - atvelonis it's almost wednesday august 11th
Saturday, 8:51pm - HB hello bang jan
Tuesday, 5:36am - HB at the risk of sounding like a massive egotist, even today, even now, i think "its name was drag-on. as in, this story is really dragging on and on and on" is the pinnacle of humour
Sunday, 1:17pm - Yimmy i won't be there
Wednesday, 10:32pm - HB what if you end up crying in either case at the inevitable heat death of the universe
Tuesday, 4:06pm - Yimmy be quiet hb i will cry
Friday, 4:59pm - Anonymous This may affect some users.
Friday, 4:59pm - Anonymous https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9230970#zippy=%2Ccheck-if-your-content-is-affected
Monday, 4:58pm - Rocketguy2 you are merely not trying hard enough
Friday, 2:40pm - atvelonis false, the interguild is a digital enterprise and cannot disintegrate into the wind, a physical phenomenon
Thursday, 3:34am - HB the last remaining vestiges of the interguild disintegrate into the wind
Tuesday, 3:21pm - SHOS This happens to me too when I download torrents O_o
Friday, 12:41pm - Yimmy interguild doesnt trust my ip so it makes me do a whole captcha every time i visit the website and im not comfortable with all that unpaid labor
Tuesday, 7:11pm - Yaya like tears in the rain...
Tuesday, 5:52pm - Livio this site
Saturday, 7:04am - Rocketguy2 hey [color=
Sunday, 3:10pm - HB hello evan sun
Sunday, 1:02am - [color= Hi long time no see friends!
Saturday, 2:50am - atvelonis ayy lmao
Friday, 6:06am - SHOS HIYA
Sunday, 11:23pm - HB hello onarole
Sunday, 1:21pm - Onarole hey!
Thursday, 2:40am - HB @jory wie alt ist dein kind jetzt
Tuesday, 4:23am - HB mein gott
Monday, 1:25pm - Quirvy lol nice to know the April Fools bot is still working
Saturday, 4:09am - HB now i have got to be a bit more careful in posting now that i am so close to my 1000th post
Saturday, 4:05am - HB remind me to join the discord after i graduate
Thursday, 9:27pm - Livio lol
Thursday, 9:21pm - atvelonis oh my god
Thursday, 8:38am - Livio that's cool
Thursday, 8:33am - Yimmy holy crap guys it's livio
Thursday, 12:03am - Livio what's up?
Thursday, 7:37pm - Rocketguy2 bryan gaming
Friday, 9:59pm - Bryan bryan
Saturday, 12:11am - atvelonis "a while" = probably five years
Saturday, 12:11am - atvelonis I remember it hit 400 a while ago and then when it hit 401 it broke the list formatting so livio (?) deleted a bunch of accounts
Friday, 2:01pm - SHOS Well, look at the bright side. Nobody left.
Friday, 8:44am - Yimmy it's really great that interguild has a perfectly round 400 members but it's been that way sfor almost three years and that's a little sad
Saturday, 9:56am - SHOS This is madness
Saturday, 6:02am - Rocketguy2 the post is bumped, balance is restored
Sunday, 2:32am - HB on another note: all of the woes that have befallen 2020 can be attributed to the fact that the following thread was not bumped in time; http://www.interguild.org/members/forums/topic.php?id=1024 do NOT make the same mistake
Sunday, 2:32am - HB i shall join once i decide whether or not it is worth it to associate my serious adult businessperson discord with the interguild
Monday, 7:59am - Darvince that link should always stay working
Monday, 7:59am - Darvince discord dot gg slash rUQkXF6
Saturday, 11:09pm - atvelonis someone send a link
Saturday, 11:09pm - atvelonis wdym you lost access, can't you rejoin  
Saturday, 3:01pm - Yimmy it has the boon of not being stranded on a dead website
also a zoom thing'd be neat
Saturday, 5:58am - Rocketguy2 vaguely, more active than here, certainly
Saturday, 1:05am - HB is the discord still active (i lost access)
Friday, 10:56pm - atvelonis I'm down
Friday, 3:51pm - Rocketguy2 I don't think I'm quite mentally ready to put voices to names to y'all yet
Friday, 7:58am - HB would anyone be interested in an INTERGUILD-based zoom party
Friday, 5:27am - Rocketguy2 maybe some things are better off destroyed though....
Tuesday, 5:05pm - Yimmy it's always hard for me to post in the chatbox, knowing i'll destroy an ancient piece of culture from more than a year ago
Tuesday, 6:58am - HB honestly that's pretty tame
Tuesday, 12:56am - SHOS Top of the chatbox: Nov 2020. Bottom: April 2019.
Tuesday, 12:55am - SHOS Hey someone should make a hatpc video
Tuesday, 11:47pm - Yimmy i don't think any cellular automata could work- everything in hatpc is finite so any oscillator or spaceship couldn't be sustained for a sufficient amount  of time
Tuesday, 9:40pm - [color= no luck though
Tuesday, 9:40pm - [color= i tried to think about how to implement a turing machine or a cellular automata in HATPC today
Tuesday, 6:19pm - Yimmy good question binary guy! actually it is because this website is in shambles
Monday, 1:29pm - [color= like dis
Monday, 1:28pm -   01110000011011110110 why do i need to manually edit and fix my chat username every time, otherwise it shows up as [color=
Monday, 9:57am -   01110000011011110110 i'm alive!
Sunday, 4:09pm - Jebby nice to see all the cave reviews, Yimmy
Friday, 6:42pm - Yimmy not rating it yet, gotta do some hard thinking before i rob a level of the coveted "masterpiece" title
Friday, 6:41pm - Yimmy finally beat journeyv after more than 6 years
Thursday, 11:37am - Rocketguy2 honestly, the fact that you can't age is one of the least surprising things about you HB
Tuesday, 6:14pm - Yimmy oh lol i thought you were 100
Tuesday, 3:04am - HB did you know that I am permanently 8 (eight) years old
Sunday, 11:30am - atvelonis LOL it's gonna happen too
Saturday, 5:13pm - Yimmy do u think it would be funny if the site news had integuilds 10th and 15th birthday adjacent to each other
Monday, 7:52pm - atvelonis nice
Saturday, 8:06pm - SHOS OMG JORY GOT MARRIED
Tuesday, 1:38pm - SHOS last non--pruned post is March 2019 for me ._.
Tuesday, 1:38pm - SHOS It's funny that the chatbox page shows just 'day and time', expecting that we know it is the same week, but if you put your mouse on the time you see the date and.....well.......
Wednesday, 9:53pm - atvelonis my boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for
Sunday, 4:49pm - Rocketguy2 indeed
Friday, 8:56pm - Quirvy Sure has been quiet over here
Monday, 1:03pm - Rocketguy2 currently having a conversation with someone about the interguild despite the fact that the discord server I'm on has nothing to do with the interguild, which is kinda wacky
Thursday, 4:22am - HB i enjoy the fact that Shos still writes in exactly the same way that he did as a 14 year old boy
Wednesday, 12:50am - atvelonis How to post a long review on Steam: post a short review, and then edit in the rest. Otherwise it gets confused
Monday, 1:42pm - atvelonis :crab emoji:
Monday, 1:03pm - Rocketguy2 interguild is *back*
Sunday, 12:08pm - Rocketguy2 what sun? seems to have disappeared from england
Tuesday, 8:12pm - atvelonis the sun has returned. this pleases me
Monday, 1:24pm - HB happy birthday  QUIRVY
Sunday, 8:29pm - HB I have no idea what u are talking about
Sunday, 6:17pm - Yaya When I saw what it was from, I was hoping it'd be the IG famous song
Saturday, 3:01pm - HB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-d7gDJrJKs0 Iconic
Friday, 12:38am - HB I sing the body electric - The murmuring pines and the hemlocks
Thursday, 10:34pm - Quirvy See: "What are you playing - Video Game Edition"
Thursday, 7:48pm - Yimmy any games besides minecraft that you people like to play online? anybody here buy animal crossing?
Wednesday, 11:08pm - Livio I agree.
Wednesday, 11:02pm - Yaya As is tradition
Wednesday, 1:42pm - Livio lol
Wednesday, 1:41pm - Rocketguy2 wow, that's kinda spooky, maybe livio is here?
Wednesday, 1:38pm - Livio lol
Wednesday, 1:31pm - Anonymous Has Livio become a robot again?
Wednesday, 6:45am - Livio I agree.
Wednesday, 6:36am - Rocketguy2 it's like he's really here
Wednesday, 1:54am - Livio lol
Wednesday, 1:40am - atvelonis oh no
Wednesday, 12:48am - Livio Hey guys!
Wednesday, 12:42am - HB how dare you participate in april fool's when people around the world are dying of coronavirus
Wednesday, 12:06am - Livio Hey guys!
Monday, 10:28pm - Quirvy You were supposed to judge the round you left open, not start a new one...
Monday, 6:40pm - HB why am I so old
Monday, 5:29am - Rocketguy2 Wow, entirely forgot that existed quirvy
Monday, 12:55am - HB reservation at dorsia
Sunday, 10:51pm - Quirvy pst rocketguy you're the one who needs to judge the latest "One Post" round
Sunday, 12:54am - HB God
Thursday, 1:37pm - Rocketguy2 kinda, school is gone, so that's something
Wednesday, 8:31pm - SHOS So are you guys stuck at home via coronavirus too?
Wednesday, 3:36pm - Yimmy hatpc reborn is broken xd
Monday, 11:38pm - atvelonis flashpoint? more like new, non-jankpoint
Sunday, 5:42am - Rocketguy2 it's called flashpoint
Sunday, 5:42am - Rocketguy2 Oh damn, new, non jank method of playing HATPC
Wednesday, 11:20am - Rocketguy2 I'm not convinced there's been 7 chatbox messages
Tuesday, 9:02pm - Yaya Woah, I had 7 chatbox posts to catch up on
Saturday, 11:07pm - Quirvy I feel like I go increasingly longer periods of time where I never think to check up on the Interguild.
Thursday, 2:50pm - Rocketguy2 I'm not convinced that's possible anymore, there's just too many of the things
Wednesday, 11:28pm - HB DUSTING , off the cobwebs
Tuesday, 6:38pm - Yimmy mark your calendars
Monday, 9:03pm - atvelonis I will post a Minecraft level before 2021
Sunday, 4:02am - Rocketguy2 No god here, HB, just the endless passing of time
Saturday, 3:09am - HB g , o , d
Thursday, 10:54pm - atvelonis and he never will
Thursday, 9:02pm - Yimmy just wait til april fools day. livio never disabled the script that makes it old on april 1st
Wednesday, 1:41am - atvelonis wayback machine?
Tuesday, 10:37pm - jazz does anyone have any screenshots from the time this website was blue and white
Monday, 8:53pm - atvelonis welp, .org was nice while it lasted
Sunday, 8:32pm - Yaya The .org domain name has been bought by a private equity firm. I wonder what it holds for the IG's future
Thursday, 4:56pm - Rocketguy2 well I guess that's just how the linear progression of time be
Wednesday, 11:19pm - atvelonis it's getting dark at like 5pm now bruh
Sunday, 9:35pm - Yaya Guess it's not surprising there's basically kaizo mods
Sunday, 5:59am - Rocketguy2 and perish
Sunday, 5:59am - Rocketguy2 lmao look up celeste D-sides by nameguy yaya
Saturday, 1:59am - Soccer lol
Friday, 9:41pm - Yaya Also throwback: yaya is drunk ????
Friday, 9:41pm - Yaya Celeste B-Side levels remind me of super hard hatpc stuff. Just finding the most sadistic applications of game mechanics
Thursday, 4:46am - Rocketguy2 not yet
Monday, 12:16pm - Yimmy merry christmas
Monday, 12:47am - HB hall................... o....................... ween
Sunday, 5:34pm - atvelonis halloween hype
Thursday, 9:57pm - atvelonis autumn gang
Sunday, 2:46am - Darvince and we have a topic that only adults would be interested in probably 5+ years too late but whatever
Sunday, 2:45am - Darvince oh my god there were three new posts since I last looked
Tuesday, 11:14am - Yaya y e e t
Wednesday, 11:42pm - atvelonis fite me
Wednesday, 2:13pm - Rocketguy2 No, I don't think you will
Wednesday, 12:20am - atvelonis I swear to god I'll finish a Minecraft level this year
Tuesday, 11:22am - Rocketguy2 if it makes you feel better, it's fixable
Sunday, 7:04am - [color= my name docent even load
Sunday, 7:03am - [color= Been ages, whats been going on on this site lol
Saturday, 5:25pm - SHOS WHY NOBODY COME PLAY
Saturday, 5:25pm - SHOS HAPPY BARFDAY GUYZ
Wednesday, 3:39pm - atvelonis would love to but no time
Tuesday, 10:17pm - Yimmy gonna respawn the ender dragon on the minecraft server. anybody want to kill him with me sometime before the end of the month?
Friday, 11:20am - Rocketguy2 I haven't heard it in 17, what is it?
Friday, 5:01am - SHOS lim sup omg I haven't heard that in like 8 years
Friday, 2:12am - HB lim sup
Thursday, 12:52pm - Rocketguy2 y'all sup
Wednesday, 5:34pm - SHOS sup yall
Tuesday, 4:21pm - Rocketguy2 that sounds glorious
Tuesday, 8:05am - Yaya I got to boop a rhino thru work
Monday, 12:48pm - Rocketguy2 In hell
Tuesday, 2:28pm - jellsprout Because how else will I know that I can shop cheaper at G2A?
Sunday, 11:37pm - HB parce que tu n'as pas appris à utiliser l'AdBlock
Sunday, 10:30pm - atvelonis HB why is your avatar always 8000 pixels tall
Thursday, 10:48am - Rocketguy2 this is news to me
Thursday, 10:48am - Rocketguy2 people exist?
Wednesday, 11:00pm - jazz remember me? i exist, i think!
Tuesday, 9:10am - Yaya Melting clocks, amirite
Tuesday, 12:38pm - atvelonis For sure. I like to spend time on a few subreddits to answer questions, but even those can be soul-sucking.
Friday, 5:00pm - Yaya Nice, Atvelonis. Reddit can be pretty toxic tbh. I use it sparingly for a few things I figure I can't get elsewhere  
Friday, 6:12am - Rocketguy2 social media implies people go on it
Thursday, 1:53pm - Yimmy interguild is social media
Wednesday, 2:14pm - atvelonis I'm doing an experiment to completely stop using Reddit, which is the only "social media" I use in any significant capacity. As fun as Reddit can be, it's a huge waste of time
Wednesday, 7:07pm - Silver Honestly, that's probably for the best.
Wednesday, 4:07am - HB you could've said a Whatsapp Deezer and i would find it just as convincing , as i know nothing of social media
Tuesday, 10:07pm - Silver Yeet came from a Tumblr vine, I believe.
Tuesday, 12:08pm - Yaya Sorry I doubted you. You can go back to your hermit mountaintop  
Tuesday, 3:14am - HB upon further research i have arrived to the conclusion that i am not being paid enough.
Tuesday, 3:11am - HB second, i am not aware of gamers having a corporeal form

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