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Welcome to the Competitions Archive! Here you can keep up with our competitions, and you can also look at previous competitions and their results. To learn how the competitions work, click here for a full guide.

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IO 2011 - Pentathlon Round 4 - HATPC Gems

Start Date: Sunday, Jul 24, 2011
End Date: Sunday, Jul 31, 2011
Game: Only HATPC levels allowed
Tournament: Interguild Olympics 2011

Competition Rules:

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Final Results:
1st: tutorial 2 (gem new) - canadianstickdeath
2nd: Level Seven New Gem - krotomo
3rd: Level 8 New Gem - Quirvy
4th: Level 11 New Gem - GF4
5th: Level Six (with new gem :D) - soccerboy13542
6th: Tutorial 1 (With a new gem or something) - Yuggy
7th: Level Thirteen (''Dude, Where's My Gem?'' Edition) - Yaya
8th: Tutorial 1 (find the gem!) - Dekudude
9th: Tutorial 6 - new Gem - shos


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Competition Rules
  1. No previously-made entries are allowed in the competition unless stated otherwise.
  2. Your entry must follow the theme of the competition or tournament round.
  3. You must enter your entry before the competition or tournament round is over.
  4. The competition or tournament round can get extended for a maximum of one extra week.
  5. Plagiarizing another person's level, or part of a level, will result in complete disqualification.
  6. You are allowed to join a tournament even if you did not join the previous rounds. However, note that you will be placed at a disadvantage.
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