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What is the Uploader Glitch?

The glitch first appeared in January of 2008, and it is triggered when you use two use two arrows on the same line that face in opposite directions away from each other. For example, if you have a line in the code of your level such as this: ...xx<xxx>xx..., the glitch will be triggered, but if you uses something like this: ...xx>xxx<xx..., then it won't be triggered. It doesn't matter what's between or arround the two arrows; if they are facing away from each other on the same line, then it will trigger the glitch. If you do not fix this glitch, the entire line of code will be omitted when you play the level. Also note that a scenario such as this: xx<>xx will not trigger the glitch because there is nothing between the arrows.

terrain 3
background 1
water clear
xxxxxx oooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx [email protected]   >< xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxk<|xzzkkxxxkkzzkxxw<wzzxxxxxxxxx..xxxxxxxv #o   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxkw zzkkxxx  zzkv<<< <zzooww^xxx  xxxxxxx)zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxz  xzk|xxx =xz(vmxxz(xz      xxt/xxxxxxx zxxxxxxxzxzzxxxxxxxxxx(xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxz( xxkkzxx= xxv<xxxzzxx[xxx" zz(txxxxxxx xxxxxzxzzzzzzxxxxxxxx(xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxzu xxvvzxx =xx>vxzzzzxx zzz" zxk^xxxxxxx"     wzzzxxzzzxxxxxx((((((xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxw ^mxx|wxxx= xx  xzzzzxx)zxz" xxktxxxxxxz"  o   xxxxxxzzzzzxxxx(xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx ww  mxxxw xxx =xx+)zzzxxxx xxx mx+k=xxxxxxz(xxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzxxxxx(xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx  ((oxxxz( xxx= xx==xxxxxxx     xxxk xxxxxxzmxxxxxxxxxzzxzxzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx    zxxxzvvxxxt=xxm xxxxxxx[[[[[xxxxkkxxz wx|zxxzzzxxxzxxx  (zzzzz( +xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx  xxxxxxx |wx== xxb xxxxxxz mxxxxxxx>|>|<  z|( "k +xxxzxx xx xxxxx=xx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx  xxxxxxx^^ w<ttxxomxxxxxxz=kxxxxxxxx mmcxxx|  nk <xxxzz xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx mxxxxxxxxm (((xxxxxxxxxxxx wxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx=xxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oxzzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxg xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+oxzzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzx  x xxxxx x  xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxb+zzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzxx   xxxxx  mxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzxxxkxxxxxbxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzxxx|xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxw xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzx  |<>w  <  xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzz( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw><<    vm  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzz |  mwmxxx==  xxxxxxxxx
xxxxzx uxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  mm        w  kkk     xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> | |v^<><<v  n  xxxxxxxx
xxxxzxzzxxxxxxxxxxzxwow   ww        k  kkk        xxxxxxx   w  x  wwwm>^<v n   xxxxxxx
xxxxzxzzzzzzzzzzx  oo ok  mm           kkk            +w    x^ xx>v>^wm^m>|k    xxxxxx
xxxxzxzzzzzzzzz  > oo ok  kk  ^     k=  kk   mmmmmm   kxu(( x| xx ))) k^ww       xxxxx
xxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxkkk   k        k   mwwwwww   oxux ( x| x  xx))^   | =n   xxxx
xxxxzxxxxxxxx     u wb   kkkm n    kk  kk  mw      >v oxuxxn x| x^ xxxx)   |      xxxx
xxxxzxxxxxxx u((((( m    kk wn     k   ww mw        v kxn+x= xx|x||xxxx )   |||   xxxx
xxxxzxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxx|xkkm mno    ku  m|<w        ^v +xx=xn  x| x xxxxx ))  /    xxxx
xxxxzxxxxxx  u       k||kkw w==    kukowm k       )^v) xx x n  |  nxxxxxx  ))nxxm+xxxx
xxxxzxxxxxx> ))))))u  k|k m m n    kv)b k k  v  n<=^v   xx xn  | =xxxxxxxx      xxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxkk  k w n    k nnnk k   nn   ^>>>vxx x  ||xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxxo     |  u kkk  k m n    wm===   v  < <^    v< x x |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxx ob))>|  u  k   k w =  < mw         = |||^  <  x  /xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxxx=xxxxxxxzxxk   |<m      w   m  ^  <n |       <  =xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxxok  1<k  u kk   | w  mm  m   k    v n      mm |<=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxkw  ) nm  )u k=>b ^m  ||^ w>  w ^   =       zw | xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxzxkk   kw | |  mmmm    nn   (((((>m  |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxx w n||      <kk        | mwwww   n    (    ) w(  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxwum  ||       kkm=mk>   ||wm  mmmmmm  (    n=k=cccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxzxxxxxxxxx=xxkkxxxxxxxxxxxxm wwwwww (+    n xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxzz(u  |<)umm   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mmmmmmm xxxmm mmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxzxx>  |<obxx  /mxxxx!x!xxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxx=xxxxxxxxxxxx!!!x!!!x!x!xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxzxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxx!!!xxxxxxxxxxv w   xxxxxm"""""xxxxxxxxx!xx!xxx!x!xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxzzok    >><xk    <xxx!xx!!!xxxxxx^ m )uxxxxxxmmm mxxxxxxxxx!xx!!xx!!!xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxz()    xxxx   <   xxx!xx!x!xxxxxx^xxxx xxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxx!xx!xxx!x!xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx==xxxxxxxx]xxxxxxxxxxx!!!xxxxxx^    <xxxxxx   nxxxxxxxxxx!xx!!!x!x!xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxx   k xxxxxm+ok mxxxxxxx!x!xxxxxxu   ((xxxxxx )  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxx  m  xxxxxx+okmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxux= xxxxxxxx nxxxxxxxxxxxx!!x!x!x!!!xx!!xxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxzxxxxxxxxzzzxxxxxxx!x!xxxxxxxxu mmxxxxxxxx =wwxxxxxxxxx!xxx!x!x!x!x!xxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxww kxxxxxxx   xxxxxxx!!!xxxxxxxxu okxxxxxxxx n xxxxxxxxxxx!xx!!!x!x!xx!xxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxmm mxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxx!xxxxxxxxxux=xxxxxxxxxn mxxxxxxxxxxxx!x!x!x!x!xxx!xxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxzxxxxxxxxzzzxxxxxxxx!x!!!xxxxx))nxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxx!!xx!x!x!!!x!!xxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxm  xxxxxxxx o xxxxxxxxxx!x!xxxxx||kxxxxxxxx n xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx   xxxxxxxxoo=xxxxxxxxx!!!xxxxxk >vxxxxxxx  n xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx   xxxxxxxxoo=xxxxxxxxx!x!xxxxxo  vxxxxxxx >vnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx   xxxxxxxxoooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  vxxxxxxxx  nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx   xxxxxxxxb= xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm  xxxxxxxx))+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx   xxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo  xxxxxxxxn||xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx   xxxxxxxx>  vxxx+xxxxxxxxxxxxx| <xxzzzzzxn |xxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx   xxxxxxxx    xxx"xxxxxxxxxxxxx    xzzzzzz^ |xxxx  oo>vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxx    zzzzzzx   |xxx"xxxxxxxxxxxxx   )zzxxxxx|||wxxx>>>k vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxmmk+zzzzzzz^k| xx t kxxxxxkkxxxx    xxxxxxx^^kmxxx     vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>t<|<xxxxkkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx^< |^<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxw  o  <oxxx  xxxz wxxx....xxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzw  uzxm bwxx  xxx|  xxw>  kkxxxo ww^xx>^xxxx        xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxz~ mzxxx)bozz  xx |/mxx  uo><xxx  o   xmmxxxx     2+ xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxm xxxxxx kxx mxw ||xxx>^zxk xxx[xxx" zwwxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx))))))xxxxxxxxxxxxxw xxxxxx  xxvw  m<zzz4 xxxx  xx zzz")z^ xxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxk xx  > |<xxx mxxxxm xx xxz" x  zzzz   w   xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx  xx>vxxxxxxx w    w xx xxx mx kxxxxx  >   vxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mxxxxxx vxx|<xxxxxxx   mm 1)zz     xx kxxxxxxxxxx= xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wxxxxxxv|xx^^>|<xxxx==xxxx uxx[[[[[xx  xxxxxxxxxv <xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxx  ^xx=== <xxzz  zzzz3kxx  xxxxx= xxx |   v<||xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo  wxxv ^oxz( xm wgxx+kxxxxmkxx  xxxxx  xxx>|  +  |Dzzzzzzzzzzgx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo  ww  oxxx+^xxm mxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxx =xxx |   < xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo    oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oxxx      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oxxx+    +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+)zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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