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Author: Livio
Game: TrackMania2 Canyon
Date: Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 4:26 pm

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When I was making this, I was pretty sure that there had to be another level on the Interguild that already had this name, but whatever, haha.

The idea behind this track was to make something where you're pretty much always turning to the right. It's actually a really intense track, especially if you manage to maintain top speed without hitting the walls. Definitely the best track I've made yet.

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Sunday, December 29 2013, 4:35 pm EST

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I originally posted this level on Facebook first, and here are some thoughts that I wrote about the creative process behind it:

I'm really satisfied with the pacing of this track. The bumps in the road and the changes in elevation make the curves much more interesting to tackle, since the correct line wasn't always necessarily at the apex of the curve. The best way to tackle these curves also depends on how fast you're going, which means that the first lap is inherently different from the other laps, which is really cool. I also liked how there were many small straight segments which give you a chance to both breathe and tackle the next curve with a speed burst. Plus, there are two long straightaways in this track, each marking either the start or the halfway-point of the circuit, marking the beginning of downhill half or uphill half, respectively.

I wasn't even thinking of making this track a circuit when I first started it. My initial idea was to make it start up super high in the sky and then have the race end at the very bottom, underground. But then I realized that a concept like this required quite a bit of repetition, and it turns out that repetition is much more tolerable when the track is a circuit with laps, rather than one long stretch with repeating segments.

I "think" it was one of the level designers for F-Zero who said that making race tracks is like making music, and I kinda see why. As you build your track, certain patterns start to emerge in the road, and I noticed that the best tracks tend to reuse those patterns, much like a song will reuse certain parts of its melody.

This limited what I could do with the track because I noticed that if I made a curve that had a start very similar to a previous curve on the track, drivers would expect it to be the same, regardless of whether or not it was an entirely different curve. So there were many times when I wanted to throw in a new type of curve, but because it behaved too similarly to the others without being similar enough, these turned into super frustrating "surprise" curves that just made you crash and left you angry at the track for lying to you.

So I decided to just embrace the idea of repetition and reuse some of the same patterns. The result is a track that feels a lot like a song when you think it about it from a pacing perspective. This gives the track a more "complete" or "whole"-ness quality to it, which none of my previous custom tracks ever had.
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Sunday, December 29 2013, 4:55 pm EST
No. I'm an octopus.

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Regarding the title: Qbreadd/mystic_brendan made theRIGHTEOUSpath in 2008.
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Wednesday, January 1 2014, 6:52 pm EST

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Isa said:
It was "THErighteousPACT", not "path". (not that it bothers anyone, though)

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