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Author: Yaya
Game: Minecraft
Date: Friday, October 10, 2014 - 10:48 pm

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Latest Minecraft creation. This one will require some hopefully quick explanation. So during the Steam summer sale I bought this franchise of games called the Legacy Of Kain series. I recently played through Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver, the first/second (it's difficult to explain) game in the franchise, and holy **** it was a pretty terrible game. Pretty sure people only like it out of nostalgia. I won't go into too much detail since that's not what I'm posting about, but sells itself on combat and adventure. The combat system is a complete joke of half baked ideas and pragmatically jumping around enemies since they can't follow you through doors, and by adventure they meant bad platforming and block puzzles, woooo. Not to mention it had an abysmal PC port. The story is decent, but its so sparsely spread out through the excruciating gameplay that it doesn't really help, and its ending is a total copout which sounds like it never truly gets resolved throughout the rest of the series. I could kinda tell while I was playing it, but upon reading about the game, I learned an insane amount of content was cut from the final product due to time constraints. There's lots of dead ends, useless areas, and hinted at things that never come to fruition, so it's kinda obvious. They took like an entire third out of the game, changed the ending, and the rest is history. I usually find dummied out stuff in games fascinating, but I draw the line when it gets to the point that it has a noticeably negative effect on the rest of the game.

Anyways one of the parts I did enjoy about the game is the art, and this is a very loose recreation of the final area in the game, the Oracle cave and the Chonoplast. A brief rundown of the game is that it's the touching story of an undead vampire who beats up and gets revenge on his mutant vampire brethren with everything from torches to magical lightsabers. The climax of the game leads the protagonist to an isolated mountain range in which he descends into the depths of the Earth to get to the Chronoplast, which is basically an ancient vampiric time machine. Yeah, I don't really get it either, and I don't think the developers did too. I call it a loose recreation because tbh I never played the last bit of the game. I was so frustrated with the quality of the gameplay and the increasingly unplayable PC port that I gave up and watched the rest in a Let's Play on Youtube. I don't regret it. Here's a comparison shot to the titular room, the one part I decently tried to match. I borrowed bits and pieces from the rest of the area in the game, here's a walkthrough of the final area if you really want to compare.

For the actual project, basically it's all buildup to the last room, so it's meant to get increasingly strange as it goes on. I wanted it to feel like it is an actual task to reach the final room; my previous creations have all been explorable on foot, but with this one I wanted to make sure one could easily navigate it by walking and jumping rather than floating. You can get to the final chamber fast by floating, but I think taking the hardcore way is worth checking out. I planned to build this in a snowy area and use natural caves underneath to help make the tunnels easily. That worked initially, until under the natural caves, I found a massive mineshaft. Seriously, it's like one mineshaft after another on that continent. So not only were there rooms that I had to entirely dig out of solid rock, but there were also rooms I had to entirely build around and in preexisting halls of an abandoned mine, by hand! Not fun stuff, lots of podcasts listened to and laptop batteries cycles ran. I tried to light up the underground areas well enough, but I'd recommend just using /letmeesee to better take in all the details. The concept of a time machine isn't really applicable to Minecraft, so I chose the next best thing which is command blocks that warp you places when you press a button. Admittedly most of the locations aren't very interesting since you can warp to most areas on the server to begin with, but I tried to throw in some cool places.

I mainly decided to build a road to this project because it felt too in the middle of nowhere. My church was just outside of San Notch, and my crocodilealligator was understandably secluded, but I felt a long twisty road leading to these forgotten ruins would be a nice touch. Road building... another scintillating experience to do manually. I tried to occasionally throw in some weird things to mix it up, but at the end of the day a road is a road. It also has a large amount of pigs and sheep for some reason. I will admit that it flows better walking from Crystal Valley to the Chronoplast than from the Chronoplast to the Crystal Valley, but beyond that it's just a lot of walking. Feel free to build stuff and connect it to said road, in order to help me believe that it was worth my time building. Special thanks to Yimmy and Mymop, who helped build part of the road, Atvelonis who helped build part of the road and changed some sand into snow for me, Bmwsu for installing the command blocks, and I don't remember if Soccerboy helped at all but I feel like he did so I'll just throw him in here to be sure. Enjoy


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Monday, October 13 2014, 8:55 pm EST
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My goat, you built that road incredibly fast. That is easily one of the longest non-NER roads on the server, sheesh. That timelapse is also incredibly cool; it's so entrancing to watch. I'll walk the road sometime within the next week, good job on it. I am a little confused about what everything is, but whatever; that doesn't matter, it looks cool. I really like the room with the purple wool and command blocks and stuff. That combination of the magenta (or whatever that is) stained glass and the lava is pretty cool too.

Good job goatbro

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