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Advance and Retreat Walkthrough
More HATPC Walkthroughs
Kiwi Dream: The Dropthrough
by: Jebby

Length: 00:56 | Aug 27, 2007

Walls of Eternity
by: Sefro

Length: 06:21 | Jan 17, 2008

Chaos Side
by: GF4

Length: 01:16 | Oct 5, 2008

Dying Builds Character: A Character-Building WT
by: Yaya

Length: 01:25 | Oct 21, 2016

The Future-Level 31 and The Future-Level 35
by: krotomo

Length: 08:13 | Aug 6, 2008

Advance and Retreat Walkthrough - More Info
Made by: GF4 on Jul 24, 2010
Length: 04:43 -- Views: 1623 -- Game: HATPC

At the end of the first trap, a steel crate drops above a secret area. I later deleted the steel crate while making a checkpoint thinking I did'nt need it. Obviously, "Secret Area!" rolls up the screen more than once Finally, I previously had the door down in the first water section, but later moved it to where I originally planned due to shockwave error timing. So, in the video, it'll seem as if there are two door locations. None of the errors I made above affect the WT - they are just little bloopers I didn't notice until I finished the video. If you're asking why I used checkpoints, the answer is: My computer is slow as hell not to mention when running HATPC and Hypercam at the same time.
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Sunday, July 25 2010, 1:12 am EST

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I never noticed any of the errors you made when I watched it and wasn't aware of them until I read the description. I give it 5 stars, because the video was good, the cave was good, and I liked how you changed music by each segment of the level

spooky secret
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Monday, July 26 2010, 12:21 pm EST
~Jack of all trades~

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dunno...quite poorly edited video, but it was good, and i really enjoyed watching it. how many music clips were at the background? it was awsome, but i couldn't distinguish, whether it was one, or more, or one and then another than that one again or stuff...

this cave is cool. it's nothing too special - the three arrows come together and the lowest one was the important one so the others weren't so needed there(right? correct me if i'm wrong) so I think this could have used more of the idea. I'm not gonna rate the cave cuz i watched this before i played(no time ) but overall it seems very good.

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Monday, July 26 2010, 2:43 pm EST

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Location: Arizona, USA
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good walkthrough. I never tried the cave, but it sure had a ton of backtracking in it.

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