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Blame Livio
More Line Rider Walkthroughs
Short and Icy
by: Bmwsu

Game: Line Rider
Length: 00:07 | Jul 2, 2009

Ride the :incognito:
by: soccerboy13542

Game: Line Rider
Length: 01:33 | Jul 14, 2012

Ahoy! a Womby Shark!
by: shos

Game: Line Rider
Length: 00:47 | Jul 12, 2012

line rider monster planet
by: krotomo

Game: Line Rider
Length: 01:05 | Apr 13, 2009

Line Rider - Compressed
by: krotomo

Game: Line Rider
Length: 00:58 | Nov 21, 2009

Blame Livio - More Info
Made by: Yaya on Jul 15, 2012
Length: 00:33 -- Views: 2716 -- Game: Line Rider

This level would've been even more great IF LIVIO HAD PUT THE RED TIME IN THE COMPS THAT WERE ENDING TONIGHT! Please be gentle with your ratings. Music: Next Episode by Shiro Sagisu
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Average: 4/5 | Total Votes: 1
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Sunday, July 15 2012, 12:06 am EST

Age: 29
Karma: 470
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Gender: Male
Location: Arizona, USA
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For context: (read from the bottom up)

Sun. 12:04am - Livio I blame Quirvy
Sun. 12:03am - Yaya ARE YOU ******* ******* ME?!?!?! WTF ZOMFG BBQ FML GTFO!!!
Sun. 12:02am - Livio comps end at 11:59 EST time today (sunday)
Sun. 12:02am - Livio actually, everyone seems to have forgotten that you still have 24 hours left
Sun. 12:01am - Yaya I sent the upload request long before 11:59. I deserve to enter it.
Sun. 12:00am - Livio lol
Sat. 11:58pm - Yaya APPROVE DAT ****!
Sat. 11:55pm - Yaya I CAN MAKE IT~
Sat. 11:51pm - Quirvy also, RR comp ends tonight
Sat. 11:51pm - Quirvy everyone forgets to submit their levels
Sat. 11:50pm - Dar|slap wtf kooler "OH SCHIZ" "Better make my Line Rider level and send it to you"
Sat. 11:47pm - Soccer 1D A Year in the Making distracted me.
Sat. 11:46pm - Soccer thanks for reminding me
Sat. 11:45pm - Dar|slap livio quirvy approve
Sat. 11:44pm - Dar|slap WAHOO FINISHED
Sat. 11:35pm - Quirvy soccerboy didn't submit his video into the comp...
Sat. 11:33pm - Dar|slap i know
Sat. 11:31pm - Yaya WAIT WHAT? WHERE THE **** IS THE RED COUNTDOWN? I THOUGHT I HAD 24.5 HOURS! **** **** **** ****!
Sat. 11:30pm - Quirvy Be aware that you've only got 30 minutes left to submit it
Sat. 11:27pm - Dar|slap yes
Sat. 11:26pm - Quirvy Darvince, didn't you have some amazing line rider project in the works?
Sat. 11:25pm - Yaya If I follow through with this LR level, it's gonna make me wish the Interguild had novelty videos.
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Sunday, July 15 2012, 12:06 am EST

Age: 26
Karma: 747
Posts: 5367
Location: Ohio (US)
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I 95% blame the time confusion between Livio and Quirvy for the state of this entry. There's not really a point of going back and changing it, really. Can I just ask that if you plan on giving it 0/1 stars to just not bother rating it? I'm kinda ****** right now in a ****-the-system sorta way.

COMING SOON: A giant meteor. Please.
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Sunday, July 15 2012, 12:31 am EST

Karma: 655
Posts: 7745
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I blame Livio. This comp was instructed to last 2 weeks. Since this comp started at midnight between saturday and sunday, I would have expected this to end at midnight between a Saturday and a Sunday, as opposed to between Sunday and Monday. By this logic, a 1 day comp would last 47 hours and 59 minutes.

spooky secret
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Sunday, July 15 2012, 5:45 am EST
~Jack of all trades~

Age: 28
Karma: 386
Posts: 8268
Gender: Male
Location: Israel
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what mod approved this video without entering video length? shame. I blame livio.

anyway - I laughed at the level, looked good to me. looks like you're newb to this game just like me! was amusing and quick.

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Sunday, July 15 2012, 9:41 am EST

Age: 26
Karma: 747
Posts: 5367
Location: Ohio (US)
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I just want to clarify that Womby Sharks do indeed make the sound of, "womby womby womby".

COMING SOON: A giant meteor. Please.
Give me +karma. Give me +karma.

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