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Manipulate Walkthrough
More HATPC Walkthroughs
Steel Insanity Runthrough
by: Quirvy

Length: 03:01 | Aug 26, 2010

Test Tube Walkthrough
by: soccerboy13542

Length: 00:51 | Oct 7, 2014

Lake Placid
by: Quirvy

Length: 05:53 | Apr 8, 2009

Compact Series Walkthrough
by: Harumbai

Length: 10:08 | Jan 26, 2010

The Conquest Walkthrough
by: jdouble04w

Length: 04:42 | Sep 28, 2007

Manipulate Walkthrough - More Info
Made by: Yaya on Jan 31, 2014
Length: 01:34 -- Views: 1530 -- Game: HATPC

A walkthrough of Ckjr's addictive level, Manipulate. I realize that I'm pretty much the only person who has any interest in this level, but I felt a sense of accomplishment as I beat it tonight and decided to show off my mad skillz that would probably put Ckjr to sleep. He said to try and film it, though. I encourage to try and find a different way to beat this level; it feels open-ended enough to do it multiple ways, but you run out of options pretty quickly as you get higher, and require more precision and less mistakes. The music is Tribal Island Trial from Lego Racers 1, which I totally did not tell Soccerboy to use in a previous video of his. Really, I don't know what you're talking about. Sorry if it disturbs you. Enjoy/rate the video. Play the level. Approving your own videos is empowering as ****. EDIT: Getting an automated PM from yourself is weird as ****.
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Saturday, February 1 2014, 12:39 am EST

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Location: 1945
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holy mother of god you beat this level? i've been trying to beat it for forever.... watching this right now.

Livio said:
You know, I was thinking of getting an internship at Microsoft, but I'm not sure I want their lameness to rub off on me.
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Saturday, February 1 2014, 8:17 am EST
No. I'm an octopus.

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In the year of 20XX, Ckjr's levels can be beat.

Nice work
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Sunday, February 2 2014, 3:28 am EST

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Location: Canada
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Wow, this is a cool cave. Nice playthrough, looks pretty challenging...

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