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Welcome to the Interguild's Video Archive! This is a database of all of the videos that our members have made. While we do not provide a way for you to directly upload videos onto our site, we let users upload them to their own accounts on video sites such as Youtube or Google Video. We then embed the videos onto here so that you can find them all in one place.

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Messing Around On Aeon
More Aeon Walkthroughs
Zero F - the video
by: jellsprout

Game: Aeon
Length: 00:49 | Jan 20, 2010

by: GF4

Game: Aeon
Length: 02:17 | Jul 17, 2016

Messing With Aeon
by: krotomo

Game: Aeon
Length: 06:30 | Mar 20, 2010

AEON: Tribute WT
by: GF4

Game: Aeon
Length: 00:00 | Jul 17, 2016

Dekuduke the Brave - the Walkthrough
by: shos

Game: Aeon
Length: 07:50 | Jul 29, 2011

Messing Around On Aeon - More Info
Made by: Yimmy on May 10, 2014
Length: 02:05 -- Views: 1578 -- Game: Aeon

Making this video was torture. also, I don't know how to edit videos or record sound, so...
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Saturday, May 10 2014, 9:14 pm EST
The Shepherd

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Bang Jan
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Sunday, May 11 2014, 7:08 am EST

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Yimmy7 said:
I don't know how to edit videos or record sound

There's a guide! Go read it!
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Sunday, May 11 2014, 8:42 pm EST

Age: 26
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I am somewhat interested to know what in the process of making a video could amount to torture, lol. I understand though, I didn't know anything about video editing beyond adding a title and credits until about a year after I started making videos. Thankfully this wasn't an actual walkthrough or anything, so it mattered less as to whether or not it had the usual dressings of a video. I religiously followed the guide that Bang_Jan posted above for my first few videos, it really helps.

Video was interesting enough. Try to make another one sometime!

COMING SOON: A giant meteor. Please.
Give me +karma. Give me +karma.
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Monday, May 12 2014, 11:59 am EST
Resident Goody two-shoes

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Guys, if you can find the cat in the printer in my video, you will get the best prize ever.
I tried to make this twice, lol. the first time I was recording the bar on the top with the tabs and the search bar and stuff.
Due to the fact I don't know how to edit I have to make a new video for each attempt.


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