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Introducing ''Hexgame''
More [Other] Walkthroughs
Clutterfunk Walkthrough
by: Rocketguy2

Game: [Other]
Length: 02:07 | Oct 30, 2016

Touhou 13 extra clear
by: Bang Jan

Game: [Other]
Length: 11:46 | Oct 31, 2012

Hannah And The Necrodancer Crypts
by: Yaya

Game: [Other]
Length: 03:05 | Oct 30, 2017

Dorabae Basic 10 Walkthrough
by: Rocketguy2

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Length: 01:45 | Nov 12, 2016

Blast Processing Walkthrough
by: Rocketguy2

Game: [Other]
Length: 02:10 | Oct 18, 2016

Introducing ''Hexgame'' - More Info
Made by: DroidFreak36 on Mar 02, 2017
Length: 04:28 -- Views: 1411 -- Game: [Other]

A quick update on the current state of "Hexgame" development. It . . . is technically a game now, I guess? In any case, you can move people around now. They don't do much besides wander aimlessly, but it's the thought that counts, right? Download Hexgame Pre-Alpha (just a tech demo really) 0.0.0: http://droidfreak36.com/hexgame/0_0_0/hexgame.exe Currently for Windows only. It doesn't seem to run on HTML5 ATM (I could probably figure out why, but I'm focusing on desktop first on this one) and compiling for OSX and Linux would be a lot of work.
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Thursday, March 2 2017, 4:18 pm EST

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Smh whoever didn't add the length. I added "Hexgame" back into the title of the vid, hopefully that's the way you intended it.

I definitely understand it better after seeing the video. Hope its development goes well

COMING SOON: A giant meteor. Please.
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Saturday, March 4 2017, 10:54 am EST
Your Friendly Neighborhood Mop

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I like what you've done so far. I especially appreciate that the terrain affects movement, and I have a few ideas about new units, terrain, and movement.

First, I think there should be a distinction between infantry and mechanized ground units. Infantry should generally be slower than mechanized units, but should be able to go over rough terrain more easily, because while someone on foot could climb a ridge or through a narrow pass, you'd probably have a lot of trouble fitting a tank through the same space.

As for the terrain, I think it would be cool if mechanized units could get stuck in them if you're unlucky, and if a unit is stuck it will need to be towed out. Also, if there were towns that could be turned into rubble when attacked, that could be interesting. Mechanized units could be able to go through town easily, but not rubble, so destroying a town could effectively create a roadblock. Speaking of roads, I think there should be roads which would give movement bonuses to land units travelling across them.

It doesn't look like you've worked out the combat mechanics yet, but when you start working on that, I think you should take line of sight and terrain into account. Firing through a forest, for example, could reduce your chance of hitting the target, and infantry could gain defensive bonuses in towns and forests, and maybe also mountains.

I also like what you've chosen to represent the units.  

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Saturday, March 4 2017, 5:43 pm EST
Resident Goody two-shoes

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i think that adding a ton (read: 2) of luck based mechanics would be extremely uncool but ok


Interguild discord!! People use it!!
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Saturday, March 4 2017, 8:08 pm EST
HATPC Reborn Dev

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First, I think there should be a distinction between infantry and mechanized ground units. Infantry should generally be slower than mechanized units, but should be able to go over rough terrain more easily, because while someone on foot could climb a ridge or through a narrow pass, you'd probably have a lot of trouble fitting a tank through the same space.

That's more or less the distinction between light and heavy units. Light units are like infantry, and can move through terrain like forests and mountains more easily. Swamps and sand still slow them down as much or more than heavy units though, since their feet sink in. Which unit type is faster on flat ground depends on the individual unit's mobility stat, but infantry in general will be pretty slow.

I'm not gonna make heavy units get stuck in terrain, and I don't think I'll make roads or towns (per se) either. I'm not going for realism here, I'm going for fun and fair game mechanics. Vehicles getting randomly stuck in terrain sounds neither fun nor fair, and roads/towns seem like an unnecessary complication that wouldn't really add anything to the game.

And actually, I do have quite a good idea of the combat system, I just haven't said much about it yet.  I plan to have it be similar (read: nearly identical) to UniWar's combat system. There are no LOS checks, just a range band in which you can attack, and terrain applies modifiers to your attack and defense (read: damage given/taken), not really to your chance to hit. There is an element of RNG, but set up in such a way as to minimize randomness. A very large number (up to 72 in UniWar) of swings are rounded together, so the damage is quite consistent. It varies a little bit, but you can expect your damage to be consistent with maybe a point of damage more or less than expected. The exact UniWar damage formula is as follows:

Copied from simsverd's post in thread "Attack formula":

First, the variables:

A = Attack strength of the attacking unit
Ta = Terrain modifier for the attacking unit
D = Defense strength of the defending unit
Td = Terrain modifer for the defending unit
G = Gang up, re-surface, veteran bonus
H = The attacking unit's health points.

Next, the formula:
p = 0.05 * (((A + Ta) - (D + Td)) + G) + 0.5
if p < 0 then p = 0
if p > 1 then p = 1

This is how to figure out the damage:
1. Pick one unit to be the attacker and the other to be the defender.
2. Use the formula above to obtain p.
3. Take H and multiply by 6. This is the number of random numbers (r) generated between 0 and 1. For every r < p a hit is counted.
4. The total number of hits divided by 6 is the number of damage the defending unit will receive.
5. Switch roles between the units (attacker becomes the defender and vice versa).
6. Use the same formula above.
7. Once both units have attacked the damage points are calculated into their health points.

I will use a quick example:
Underling vs Marauder both on Plains
If you use the formula you see that the Underling has a 30% probability of dealing damage for each of its health points whereas the Marauder has a 75% probability of dealing damage for each of its health points.

If the Underling were on a Mountain though, the numbers change to 40% for the Underling and 55% for the Marauder.

That's it!

Every unit in UniWar has 10 health points, unless it has leveled up in which case it could have up to 12. So the number of attack rolls/swings made by a normal full-health unit is 60, and by a full health, two promotion unit is 72. So while theoretically being on a mountain reduces your opponent's chance to hit, they still have an extremely low chance of not hitting you at all, thanks to the large number of attack rolls/swings that happen behind the scenes.

Rictory for Ralkyon!

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