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There are 10 holy commandments you must follow when making a level for SMF. If you do not t is blasphemy indeed! ( I really this isn't offensive to anyone; please tell me if it is, its only meant as a joke)

Here they are, and may they serve you well:

1: Thou shall not spam monsters; for a monster spammer is a monster themselves

2: Thou shall not use somebody else's level as your own; for that is plaguerism if you do; may you be struck down with boils and blisters and plagues alike!  

3: Thou shall make the level interesting and enjoyable; for it is better to have 1 amazing level than infinity rubbish ones; in essence it would take millions of Neezles levels to make one Dando one. Follow this and you will be worthy indeed; if not rot in Neezles caves for eternity without the door!

4: Thou must give amazing levels good ratings; for if not then you are not rightly appreciating the master craftspeople of this world. You shall rate it fairly and without preconception or favourism. I not then a plague of zeros will swoop done and consume your levels and your levels will be rated badly instead of theirs.

5: Thou must only play as Mario and Luigi; for hacking it and playing as a final fantasy character is blasphemy of the highest level. Mario and Luigi are Messiahs and to insult them that way is blasphemy beyond counting; anyone who does that may be burned inside a never ending torture chamber with fire bars.

6: Thou shall make the level possible and maintain at least some simplicity for one does not enjoy playing a level where there are bullet bills whizzing everywhere and 50 fire bars on one screen alone; for the player this is simply annoying. Whoever does this will trapped in a randomly generated level themselves which at a mere glance would easily get 5/5 for difficulty.

7: The level should not be impossible to people who have not seen the video walk through; it can be very hard but not in the sense that there are warps everywhere in random places that go only the creator knows where. If they break this vital rule then they shall be subject to eternity in the largest warp maze in history; trapped there for ever!

8:The level shall not look horrible; for that is a sign of laziness and it shall look so beautiful that even in a tense fight with bowser; mario will will look around and sigh in content happiness. For nobody wants to stare at something horrible; a level should always be a visual work of art.

9: Thou shall not spam invisible coin blocks or make hidden traps that are so cruel only the creator knows what to do. For these defeat the purpose of the interguild and are treason upon that; levels should be played and enjoyed by other people who aren't just the creator. Fail to obey this and you shall be subject to playing the longest SMF level where invisible coin blocks are the mainstay of the level and one minute error will cost you playing it all over again.

10: Last but definitely not least have fun; is it not why we do all this? Anyone can disobey this but they must be sad, sad creatures, even Neezles was having fun! Anyone who disobeys this rule of rules will not rot, will not suffer eternal torment, they will instead be put in a string of levels in which fun is a byword for normal and they really learn what the Interguild is about.

Take heed to these rules and your levels will be holy indeed; maybe you could be the next Miyamoto.    

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Monday, February 21 2011, 12:32 am EST

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Great advice. Reminds me of some of the first SMF levels posted on this site. It got to the point that I thought all that annoying stuff was inevitable in SMF levels.

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