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HATPC Level 7
More Minecraft Walkthroughs
Minecraft Patio and Mine Entrance: The Making Of,
by: Bmwsu

Game: Minecraft
Length: 08:37 | Oct 6, 2011

Minecraft Patio & Mine Entrance: The Making of, P1
by: Bmwsu

Game: Minecraft
Length: 03:17 | Jul 26, 2011

Pranking Livio's House: Flowers
by: Bmwsu

Game: Minecraft
Length: 05:06 | Jan 30, 2014

Interguild Minecraft Server Tour: Episode 5 (A dif
by: Bmwsu, Livio, Isa

Game: Minecraft
Length: 18:12 | Dec 15, 2013

IO 2011 Minecraft Monument Comp Entries
by: Livio

Game: Minecraft
Length: 00:44 | Aug 2, 2011

HATPC Level 7 - More Info
Made by: Yaya on Oct 02, 2016
Length: 02:20 -- Views: 2223 -- Game: Minecraft

Since I don't have any HATPC levels to record right now, I decided to record the HATPC level that I made in Minecraft. Wait, don't leave! Some people were confused by it, some people probably didn't see it, and some people don't own Minecraft, so here it is for everyone to see. In the first part of the video, I tried to emulate the distant 3rd person view you have of Hannah while playing HATPC. It went okay. It actually took me four times to the record this properly. The first time, Darvince teleported to me in the final stretch of the cave, the 2nd time, I missed a treasure, and the third time I tried to record it whilst playing Minecraft in fullscreen mode, which ended up just recording my desktop. I think I'm out of practice with picking walkthrough music, couldn't really find anything good, so I just picked something on Audioswap. Hope you like it!
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Monday, October 3 2016, 12:19 am EST
sea level change

Age: 23
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Location: The Nuclear Era
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oh that's what that was

I got lost in there and was extremely confused

"Time is a circuit, not a line; cybernetics instantiates templexity."

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Monday, October 3 2016, 1:58 am EST

Age: 29
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Location: New Zealand
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That was a really cool idea and nicely built.

Upcoming HatPC level: Sanctuary, coming soon to an internet browser near you...
aych bee
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Monday, October 3 2016, 2:04 am EST
when i am king

Age: 103
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this makes me really glad i'm not hannah. cool concept

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Monday, October 3 2016, 6:53 am EST
~Jack of all trades~

Age: 30
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Gender: Male
Location: Israel
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That was a really creative thing to do! xD not the best video out there but 6/5 for the idea!

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Monday, October 3 2016, 10:28 am EST
Your Friendly Neighborhood Mop

Age: 20
Karma: 39
Posts: 859
Gender: Male
Location: New York
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That was a really cool thing that you built. I remember that I didn't understand what it was until you explained it though

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Monday, October 3 2016, 1:23 pm EST
Resident Goody two-shoes

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Now accurately simulate water taps


Interguild discord!! People use it!!

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