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How does water affect Hannah?

You may or may not already know about the  effects of water on Hannah. Here’s a reminder:

Hannah has 10 air bubbles that she uses  when swimming underwater. These quickly disappear and when they run out, she  drowns and you have to start the level again. You have roughly 12 seconds of  â€˜air time’ underwater before you die. You can completely regenerate these air  bubbles by entering an air pocket/secret area or jumping out of the water from  the surface.

Hannah is constantly being pulled upwards  when she is in the water. It takes much longer to swim downwards than it does  to go upwards. When swimming sideways, you have to keep tapping Down to stay on  a level plane. You can walk and crawl along flat surfaces underwater. If you  jump underwater, you are rapidly pushed upwards – this is useful when avoiding  enemies. All crates work normally underwater.

How do I put water into my cave?

Open your cavemaker and scroll down the  list of tiles available. Make a water level tile. You only need one of these to  generate a surface of water for the entire cave. Any open space below the water  level will contain water. Never put more than one water level in a cave or it  won’t work. Here’s an example of a water level being placed in a cave:

Water Level

This can be translated to:

Water Level

Note that the water appears to cut off to  the left of the water level. This is an unusual side effect, but it doesn’t  affect the way a cave is played very much.

Rising Water

If you have played the main game, which you  probably have, then you would have played several levels featuring water that  continues to rise and pushes you up the cave. It is simple to make one of  these. Find the tile that has ‘water tap’ written on it (titled ‘water start’)  and place one in a cave. Water will spawn from this point and will slowly fill  up the cave. Place two water taps and the water will rise twice as fast. Don’t  place too many or the cave will be too difficult. A water level isn’t necessary  in a rising water cave.

A few notes about rising water now. Water  will rise quicker up thin rooms than it will wide rooms (common sense really).  Water on the rise will always wait for all rooms to be filled up before  continuing its journey up a main chute. There is also an annoying Shockwave  error that occurs if the water fills up the entire cave. When this happens, a  Shockwave window will pop up and you will have to close HATPC down. Another  reason not to place too many water taps. It is possible to make rising water  disappear down a hole in the floor, but we’ll talk about that later. Water  crates and water tap crates are also an issue, but once again they’ll be  discussed later in the manual.

Making Water Caves

So then… what makes a good water cave? The  main thing to consider is that, in general, people don’t like water caves. It’s  quite hard to control Hannah underwater and it is horribly difficult to avoid  spikes. Therefore, keep spikes down to a minimum – they are the bane of every  annoying water cave. It’s worth considering giving your water cave a good story  theme – a sunken pirate ship or a dive in the ocean, for instance. Standard  water caves involve Hannah diving through various underwater rooms and tunnels  searching for treasure chests and air pockets.

Rising water caves are quite tricky to make  as the timing has to be perfect to keep the player entertained. If it rises too  fast, the player will be thrust into an area of water too deep to get out of.  Too slow, and the player is stuck in a room for a couple of minutes with  nothing to do. It’s always best to start rising water caves from the bottom  with thin channels to swim up. Make lots of side rooms to add extra challenges  to the level and to slow the water down. You might want to add some boulders to  give the impression that the cave is collapsing as the water fills it up.

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